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Project Description
Object Relational Mapper (OR-Mapper) with data transformation and multi database support. Instead of reflection use it generates code to access the business classes. It also works with predefined sql statements, that could be defined in XML files.

features of this OR-Mapper:
- multi database support
- No reflection at runtime (uses code generation to generate a .NET assembly to access the business classes of your project.)
- use System.Transactions modell of .NET Framework
- independent mapping modell in XML format, no mapping definition is needed at the business classes
- support data transformation to join two or more tables in one business object
- definition of dependencies between business classes and the database modell.
- This allows to read and write objects with dependent sub objects in one operation
- multi mapping for one business class. f.e. for master detail views
- support for predefined sql statements
- transformation of the results from predefined select statements in business classes

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